Wallet Backup Built Different

Easy to setup, hide and store. Secure.

Stacking titanium.

Back up the seed phrase or Shamir’s secret shares of your wallet on solid titanium. Protect your Bitcoin, Ethereum and NFT  from fire, water and hardware failure.

2 x  Titanium backup
High quality center punch
Setup guide
Ear plugs
3 x Titanium backup

Compatible with

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See what experts say

And despite the small size, I didn’t have any issues punching divots into it. This is a meticulously designed product, all the way down to the micro guide holes in each cell to help ensure that you have the straight punch centered.

Jameson Lopp
Co-founder & CTO CasaHODL

I fucking love this so so much. You’ve really thought out the entire experience trough. Guide holes on the plate itself, very very nice. 

Co-founder Metadrop

My favorite of the seed backup methods. I bought and tested an early product sample. I love the tiny size and it has now survived the harshest of durability tests.

Warren Togami
VP Solutions at Blockstream

Built Different

Tinyseed offers everything that larger backups offer and is even easier to punch.

Minimal Size

Tinyseed is exceptionally small while not compromising on security or storage capacity


3.5 x 2.7 cm


3 mm


13 g

Guided Punching

Each field has a small indentation in its center to perfectly align the center punch before punching

Full Capacity

Despite its small size, a single device can backup e.g. 1x Ledger Nano or 2x Trezor


24 words

Front side

12 words

Back side

12 words


No mention of bitcoin or crypto and no letters, only numbers

How does it work?

Wallets generate a recovery seed consisting of 12 to 24 words. All compatible wallets use the same BIP39 word list to choose words from. This list contains 2048 alphabetically ordered and numbered words.

Instead of punching letters and words directly, it is the number representing their respective position in the word list, that is punched into Tinyseed.


Use your own words!

How to setup

Each row of Tinyseed corresponds to one word

Look up each word of your passphrase in the word list and make a punch for each black filled circle.


How to read

Add up the numbers for each row

The sum of each row gives the position of the word in the word list. Verify that the words match your original passphrase

Am I dependent on you or the printed word list?

No, not at all!

The BIP39 word list is open source and part of Bitcoin. All compatible software and hardware wallets use the same list. The word list will always be available. The words and their order will not change over time. You don’t need to know the word list with punch patterns to recover your seed phrase. You can use any available copy, for example from the github repository of bitcoin.

Tinyseed NFT

Head over to Metadrop.com to redeem your NFT for products. Learn more.

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