General terms and conditions

Article 1 - Identity of the entrepreneur

Tinyseed GmbH
Hauptstrasse 155
4730 Raeren
VAT: BE07 8040 7461
Company number: 0780.407.461

Article 2 - Scope
  1. These general terms and conditions apply to every offer made by the entrepreneur and to every distance contract that has been established between the entrepreneur and the consumer.
  2. Before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these general terms and conditions will be made available to the consumer. If this is not reasonably possible, the entrepreneur shall indicate before the distance contract is concluded how the general terms and conditions can be consulted and that they will be sent free of charge as soon as possible at the consumer’s request.
  3. If the distance contract is concluded by electronic means, notwithstanding the previous paragraph and before the conclusion of the distance contract, the text of these general terms and conditions may be made available to the consumer by electronic means in such a way that it can be easily stored on a durable medium. If this is not reasonably possible, it shall be indicated before the distance contract is concluded where the general terms and conditions can be viewed electronically and that they will be sent free of charge by electronic or other means at the consumer’s request.

Article 3 - Our offer and your order
  1. If an offer is only valid for a limited period of time or is subject to certain conditions, we will expressly point this out in our offer.
  2. We always describe as completely and precisely as possible what we sell and how the ordering process works. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable the consumer to properly assess the offer. Insofar as we use images, these represent the goods and / or services offered correctly. Obvious errors or obvious errors in the offer are not binding on the entrepreneur. Slight color deviations due to the use of digital images and photos by the entrepreneur are, as far as reasonable, not at the expense and risk of the entrepreneur.
  3. Each offer contains such information that it is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are associated with the acceptance of the offer.
  4. Your order is complete and the distance contract between you and us is concluded at the moment when the consumer accepts the offer and the corresponding conditions are met.
  5. The Entrepreneur may – within the legal framework – obtain information on whether the Consumer can meet his payment obligations, as well as on all those facts and factors that are important for a responsible conclusion of the distance contract. If, on the basis of this investigation, the Entrepreneur has good reasons not to conclude the contract, he is entitled to reject an order or request with justification or to make the execution subject to special conditions.

Article 4 - Right of withdrawal
  1. The consumer has the option to dissolve the contract without giving any reason within a period of 14 calendar days. This period begins on the day following receipt of the goods by the consumer or by receipt on his behalf. In this case, you can return the order without paying a fine or having to justify yourself. The cost of returning the goods will be at your own expense. If you wish to return your order or withdraw from the contract within 14 days of placing the order, we will refund all payments made by you, but not the delivery costs charged by us for shipping the goods outside the EU, using the same payment method that you used.
  2. The direct costs of returning the goods are at your expense.
  3. We are entitled to wait with repayment until we have received the goods or until you have provided evidence that you have sent the goods back, whichever is earlier.
  4. In the first 14 days after delivery, we expect that you handle the order and the packaging with care. If you want to return the goods using the procedure described above, you may only unpack or use them to the extent necessary to enable you to assess whether you want to keep the goods. Returned goods may not have been stamped. The returned goods should, if possible, be in the original packaging and with the accessories supplied.
  5. Returned products that do not meet the stated conditions remain your property. We will return the affected products to you and invoice you for the costs incurred.
  6. In order to be able to exercise your right of withdrawal quickly and correctly, you must notify us of this within the period reffered to in paragraph 1 using the standard withdrawal form or in an unequivocal manner.
  7. The entrepreneur can only exclude the right of withdrawal if he has clearly stated this in the offer, at least in good time before the conclusion of the contract. The exclusion of the right of withdrawal is only possible for products:
    1. which have been created by the trader according to the consumer’s specifications.
    2. which are clearly personal in nature.
    3. which cannot be returned due to their nature.
  8. The right of withdrawal does not apply to items in special offers, discounted items or hygienically sensitive items.

Article 5 - The price
  1. Our prices will not be increased within the term of the offer, unless legal measures make this necessary, the manufacturer undertakes price increases in the meantime or due to changes in VAT rates.
  2. Our prices include all local taxes. In addition to the purchase price, we charge shipping costs. We will always point the shipping cost out to you before you place your final order.
  3. Our prices are exclusive of import duties and taxes for all destinations outside the EU. All additional costs related to the import and / or customs clearance of goods are the responsibility of the customer, and it is the responsibility of the customer to settle them.
Article 6 - Payment
  1. Payment can only be made on our website using the payment modules provided there.
    The validity of the payment will be confirmed or not after verification with the issuing bank. When payment is confirmed, the charge will be made according to the terms agreed with the card-issuing bank. The product (s) ordered remain the property of the seller until full payment has been made.
  2. The payment process is absolutely secure. For payment, the customer is forwarded to the module of our payment provider MOLLIE.
  3. In the event of inconvenience or damage caused by using the Internet network (including computer viruses), the seller cannot be held liable.
  4. Coupon codes, gift card or other vouchers can never be exchanged for money.
Article 7 - Conformity and warranty
  1. We warrant that our goods will conform to your order and that they will meet the normal expectations you have given the specifications of the product. We also warrant that our goods comply with all laws in force at the time of your order.
  2. The statutory minimum warranty period of two years also applies to the delivery of goods if the goods do not conform to the order. This warranty includes that all goods with defects or faults will be repaired or replaced free of charge for up to two years after delivery.
  3. As far as possible and reasonable, you have the choice between repair or replacement. You only have the right to demand a price reduction or cancellation of the purchase contract if the repair or replacement delivery proves to be disproportionate or impossible or if it cannot be carried out within a reasonable period of time.
  4. The seller reserves the right to refuse to exchange or refund the warranty item if it turns out that the item has not been used in accordance with the instructions for use or has been misused by the customer.
  5. Defects that become apparent within 6 months of delivery are considered to have existed prior to delivery unless we can prove otherwise. After the expiration of 6 months, you must prove that the defect existed before delivery.
  6. Notwithstanding the right of withdrawal (see Article 4), the seller will reimburse the customer for the costs of returning the item for which the customer has made use of the statutory warranty, provided this is done by the supplier selected by the seller. In the event of an exchange, delivery will also be made at the seller’s expense.
Article 8 - The delivery and execution
  1. All goods and services are delivered to the address you provided when you placed your order. In the event that the address you provide is incorrect, it is your responsibility and additional fees may apply. The entrepreneur therefore accepts no responsibility for errors that the consumer has made when entering the order (on the website) and which can lead to delivery delays or incorrect deliveries.
  2. For orders shipped by UPS or DHL, the risks are transferred to you when the product is actually delivered to the address you have indicated. From that moment on, we decline all responsibility in the event of loss or destruction of the product.
  3. For orders shipped by mail without tracking, the risks are transferred to you when the product leaves our store. From that moment on, we decline all responsibility in the event of loss or destruction of the product. You are not entitled to a refund in the event of loss by mail, as there is no way to verify the loss.
  4. As far as possible, the products are delivered within 1 to 10 working days after confirmation of the order. We will inform you of the delivery time during the ordering process, before payment. If we cannot deliver within this period, we will inform you as soon as possible. A possible delay will in no case lead to compensation.
  5. The entrepreneur executes accepted orders quickly, but at the latest within 30 days, unless another delivery period has been agreed. In the exceptional case that we are unable to deliver the order within 30 days of confirming the order, the consumer has the right to terminate the purchase contract free of charge by contacting our customer service. Products ordered will be fully refunded within 30 days (including shipping costs if you have paid for them).
  6. If the entrepreneur cannot fulfill his obligations under the contract due to force majeure or other extraordinary circumstances, such as fire, strike, natural disasters, etc., the entrepreneur can postpone his delivery obligation until delivery is possible. The entrepreneur will inform the consumer immediately in the event of an appeal to force majeure. If the circumstance lasts longer than 1 month beyond the specified delivery time, both the operator and the consumer have the right to dissolve the contract without a claim for compensation.
  7. You need to convince yourself that the products are suitable for your needs and meet your expectations. We do not guarantee that the products will meet your individual requirements. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.
  8. We decline all responsibility for indirect damage caused by late delivery or failure to deliver by the supplier. In this case, our liability is limited to the value of the items that can be shown not to have been received by the customer.
Article 9 - Liability
  1. The Entrepreneur shall not be liable for the loss of assets, cryptocurrencies or other information due to product defects or damage or in case of loss of the product by the End User. If a product defect is detected, the Entrepreneur will replace the damaged product with a new or similar product. Under no circumstances will the Entrepreneur be liable for any loss of valuables, cryptocurrencies or other information.
  2. We recommend that you take additional security measures to prevent damage, loss or theft of the product. If the numbers and / or the markings stamped with the punch by the Consumer is no longer legible, the Entrepreneur cannot recover the words. The Entrepreneur is not liable for the loss of valuables, cryptocurrencies or other information due to product failure, damage, loss or theft.
  3. The entrepreneur does not guarantee that the numbers and the markings stamped with the punch will be permanently legible.
Article 10 - Disputes and Complaints
  1. Belgian law applies to contracts between the entrepreneur and the consumer to which these general conditions apply. These general terms and conditions are therefore subject to Belgian law.
  2. Disputes that arise in connection with this agreement between the entrepreneur and the consumer will initially be settled amicably and appropriately. If that does not provide a solution, the dispute is brought to the competent court.
  3. Complaints must be made to the entrepreneur within a reasonable period, fully and clearly described, after the consumer has discovered the defects.
  4. Complaints addressed to the entrepreneur will be answered within 14 days from the date of receipt. If a complaint foreseeably requires a longer processing time, the entrepreneur will respond within 14 days with a confirmation of receipt and a note as to when the consumer can expect a more detailed answer.
  5. If you have a complaint, you can contact us at We will try to process the complaint as quickly as possible.
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