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About the drop

Unlike a traditional crowdfunding campaign, Tinyseed started with a drop on Metadrop. Backers minted an ERC-1155 NFT, which can now be redeemed for a physical Tinyseed product (incl. shipping) and a unique ERC-721 art NFT.

Status: Mint closed
Duration: 3 weeks
Start: 18th January 2022
End: 8th February 2022

Tinyseed NFT

Redeemable ERC-1155

Each of these NFT can be redeemed for the corresponding product and includes shipping.

The Titanium Starter Pack and the Platinum Pack come in exclusive packaging that is limited to the drop. Tinyseed Platinum is generally only available by redeeming the corresponding NFT.

Tinyhead NFT

Commemorative ERC-721

Dedicated to our earliest supporters, this collection is a memento of our Metadrop and its participants. Tinyheads can only be minted upon redemption of a Tinyseed NFT.

Designed by our founder, the Tinyheads are figuratively made up of 224 stamped Tinyseeds. The individual heads were drawn by a GAN and are based on the Tinyseed logo and the exclusive packaging of the Titanium Starter Packs and Platinum Packs from our drop.

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